The New Baby

Dora, Bev, Sage, Kev, Tony, Walter, Robert, Marco, Vin, Larry, Jon, Shirl, Laurent – need I say more. We are now an all-MAC family.

The new baby posses with its older (but smaller) brother.

06 marzo – Beata Rosa da Viterbo

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

12 thoughts on “The New Baby”

  1. The keyboard seems small… but size doesn't matter…
    (You don't need the number pad.) I have been wanting to get one of those keyboards for my desk top at work!

  2. I still don't like apple computers (their smaller stuff is great!), but that screen is mouthwatering. Which is tricky, because I'm sitting in front of its twin right now at my best friend's house… 😉

  3. A new brother for Kev's monitor 🙂 Now I just need the new mac to come out so I can arrange a business trip to hit the Apple store in Manhattan 🙂

  4. Now that i've finished this Graphic Design class … OMG I WISH I'D HAVE REPLACED THE BRICK WITH ONE OF THESE INSTEAD OF A DELL!!! That is all.

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