Street Scenes

Today was a gloriously sunshiny if very cold day – and yes it does get cold here in Roma. It maybe not be the cutting cold of Ottawa but with the humidity and temperatures hovering at freezing it is definitely sweater, scarf, hat and gloves weather. But it was also a day to visit a few sites with a friend.  I’ll be posting about our trip to the Biblioteca Angelica – Europe’s first public library – later but in the meantime here are two things that caught my eye as we walked around town.

While her mother sits outside the door of the newly restored San Luigi dei Francesi this little Romani girl (well bundled up against the cold) was fascinated by the workman filling in cracks in the marble stairs.

And as we wandered from Cafe Sant’Eustachio (the best coffee in town) down towards a really good small trattoria for lunch we passed this remnant of a once great statue now residing at the crossing of Via dei Pie’ di Marmo (Street of the Marble Foot) and Via di San Stefano in Cacco. It was part of a colossal statue with Egyptian features which stood in a temple to Isis and Serapis built by the Emperor Domitian (81-96 AD). Now it is surrounded by motorini and has old telephone books piled on it. Sic Transit Gloria!

02 febbraio – Purificazione di Maria

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4 thoughts on “Street Scenes”

  1. And you didn't take me to this cafe why? It's ok. You'll have another chance next month, insha'allah…

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