No Trick This Was a Treat!

With so many kids going around as Superheros and cheesy Disney characters – yes I know I went out at Halloween once as Peter Pan but that was in a homemade costume not something run up in synthetic silk in China – I got the biggest smile when my friend Elaine sent me these photos of Xavier and Felix wearing their Halloween best!

I think young Felix makes a mighty fine pumpkin – but I have a feeling the ghosties and goblins would want to hug him not run away!

And older brother Xavier is a sterling specimen of Zebrahood – now that’s not a disguise I would have thought of – so hats off for originality.

I congratulated Elaine on her sewing skills and here’s her response:
I’m sorry to say they were store bought…GT Boutique! Maybe one day I’ll be the kind of parent who cooks and sews..sigh! 😉
Well I don’t know about her cooking and sewing skills but I know she’s got being a great mom down real good! And Bob ain’t such a bad dad either!!!!

01 novembre – Ognissanti

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “No Trick This Was a Treat!”

  1. Bev aka Aisha: Indeed I did but that was the J. M. Barrie one not the sanitized Disney version. And I even include a link to it on the post!

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