A Very Roman Solution

Parking is at a premium no matter where you go in Roma. Our street is lined with cars during the day and parking can be difficult. Of course being in Roma, there is always an answer!

12 ottobre – Nostra Signora del Pilar

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

8 thoughts on “A Very Roman Solution”

  1. On my last couple of visits to Rome I was stunned by the number of “super-tiny” cars like the Mini Cooper, Smart, etc. that wizzed easily through traffic and parked perpendicular to take advantage of the half spaces left by other horrible parkers.
    Truly “city-cars” if ever there were, and a perfect solution in the eternal city. We were running around in a (red) Fiat 500, and it seemed giant to some of the company on the roads!

  2. A sensible solution to the parking problem!
    Of course,in America,that car would have been towed straight away to the police impound lot for parking violation.

  3. At least it was parked neatly. I saw a car parked at a 45 degree angle in a too small space last week. Plus it was in a no-parking zone.

    This was in Utrecht and it wasn't a miniature car but a 'compact' -which in The Netherlands is still the standard, fortunately. That's one thing about the economic crisis that we can be grateful about: fewer new SUV's.

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