To Go With the New Glasses

How about this little toy?

This vintage Rolls Royce convertible was parked, top down, near the Duomo in Firenze this morning. Now that owner is some trusting soul!

Yeah I could see me driving around town with the new glasses in that baby!

25 settembre – San Nicolao di Flüe

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “To Go With the New Glasses”

  1. With the rich-beatch-drives-Rolls central sequence of de Sica's Ieri, Oggi Domani still fresh in my mind, I expect a sunglassed Sophia Loren to step out at any moment.

    What a delightful film that is – do you know it, Will? The English in the sixties were a bit uptight about its free and easy attitude to sex. What a revelation were both la nostra diva AND Mastroianni (superb in the the third part).

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