Pesaro – Beach Annoucement

The beach set up in Pesaro is very organized – and remember we are talking Italy here. Two chairs with a small table and umbrella can cost up to E100 a day depending on how close you are to the water. Each operator has a concession stand, some offering full meal service, volley ball court, shower area and change cabanas – though most people come to the beach in their bathing suits anyway.

Beach peddlers – mostly from North Africa – shill their wares, musicians, including a rather unique one man band, strive to delight with their renderings, and the general hub bub of vacation friends reuniting, children playing and teenagers striving to impress members of the opposite sex almost drowns out the sounds of the surf. A typical beach scene that could be almost anywhere.

And then every so often there is an announcement on the beach tanoys that reminds you that you are in Italy.

Female Voice: Your attention. A little boy has misplaced his parents. Il piccolo Marty is 4 years old and wearing a very fashionable sunshine yellow bathing suit and a nice white t-shirt. Il piccolo Marty may be found at Archibaldo 28 beside the red flag.

Five minutes later:

Same Female Voice: Your attention. Il piccolo Marty has found his parents and is now safe.

General and very loud sound of applause along the entire 5 kilometre length of the beach. And most of it from concerned Nonni who no doubt would have had a few words to say to the negligent parents.

18 agosto – Santa (Flavia Giulia) Elena Imperatrice

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Pesaro – Beach Annoucement”

  1. WHAT??!! 100 EUROS??? Gosh and I thought that 30 euros for 2 chairs and an umbrella at the most “exclusive” beach of Mykonos was pure theft…

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