Haven’t done one of these posts in a while. Again not that I haven’t read some wonderful stuff just that two very active puppies (and some really heavy ballet review translations) have been keeping me a tad busy. And I also have done any GPP or GPV items in over a week. So why not combine the two. Here’s some posts I’ve enjoyed and a few pics of the deadly duo – though I realized I have more photos of Nora than Nicky – maybe because she stays still long enough.

It hard to believe they were ever this small … this friendly … or this quiet. They both weigh in at slightly over 2 kgs now, fight constantly and seem to have boundless energy. Hell they’re puppies of course they have boundless energy.
  • She hasn’t been blogging regularly for a while but as always when she does Big Ass Belle hits the mark every time. Her most recent post reminded me of the big part that serendipity has played in my own life and has even encouraged me to start working on a post about it.

Okay we have a moment of repose here but it’s just in preparation for the next assault on the race course that use to be the hallway.
  • Also absent for awhile, Elizabeth has such a full creative plate that she can be forgiven for not putting in more frequent appearances. Her recent trip to New York brought back memories of previous times in a city that helped shape her life.

Stick with me kid, says our Nora. I’m older than you and been around more, ’cause its just you and me against the world. Very appropriately Dashiell Hammett don’t you think?
  • Always a keen observer of the world – and with plenty experience of it – Helen has penned her most recent letter to Margaret and has a few words about Mr Obama and some things that were better left unsaid.

The house tends to be a bit on the dark side – no direct sunlight anyway because of all the angles. But there is a nice spot out on the service balcony that was just made for sunning.
  • It seems the ladies – I was going to type women but you know in my mind every one of them is a lady, sorry I’m old-fashioned that way – I know in blogdom are a busy lot. Cowbell has been busy with work and a few adult education opportunities including learning Spanish. Her class has given her food for thought and for a post.

Nick always likes to make sure the bed covers are perfectly arranged before a good night’s sleep.

  • For awhile there Sunday drives with Jeff was becoming a regular feature of my life, however there were a few Sundays when he had more pressing things to do. I’m glad to say he’s returned to take us through the high and by ways of the LA area. In the past two weeks he’s shown us cool signs with a decidedly 50s feel and then stopped off at a BBQ pit for some ribs and more 50s nostalgia.

Nora is completely unimpressed with the internet – its just too modern. She tends to be an old fashioned girl – the sort who hides demurely behind the lace curtains when she isn’t chewing on them!
  • And finally my friend Larry spent a few days in and around Sienna and has shared several posts about that lovely area of our adopted country. Rather than list them all why not just go over to AmoRoma and do a bit of a “birdwalk”.

Good reading and you’ll have to excuse me I have two puppies who have to be walked.

04 agosto – San Giovanni Maria Vianney

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

3 thoughts on “Sharing”

  1. i was soo green with envy over elizabeths trip to nyc..sigh*…i wanna travel to nyc so bad..

    you know bailey the little yorkie poo looks a little like your doggies..

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