And Now For A Word …

… not from our sponsors but from me. I probably won’t be posting for a day or two – its just been too hectic around here. We’ve had a visit from our friend Cathy, always a pleasure to have company from Canada especially when they bring large jars of Kraft peanut butter, so that has kept me busy; I’ve been trying to finish a contract so I can get more mad money for opera trips; plus I took on a translation job with Ballet2000 a periodical out of London; and our Nicky has been a bit under the weather which has meant trips to the vets. The phrase “bugger for punishment” keeps running through my head!

Having said that I have a few things in that growing “Drafts” folder – something on this past two weeks at the opera; a picture and word bit on Trieste inspired by Jan Morris’s wonderful book Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere; a GVP of the dynamic duo; and a slide show of our tour of the Vatican Gardens. Plus we have Canada Day coming up. Damn the excitement just never ends.

Anyway I’m off to figure out how you translate “Bolle e uno hunk!” into English!

27 giugno – San Ferdinando d’Aragona

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “And Now For A Word …”

  1. I miss your daily tid bits but you be sure to make time for Will (and Laurent). What is Nicky's problem hope she's OK?.

  2. Oh sure. Tells us that Nicky has been under the weather and there have been trips to the vet but no details. I am one of the puppy queens who looks forward to the GPV's and GPP's. This sounds serious if there are trips (plural) to the vet. I hope Nora is OK. What do you mean there will be no posting for a couple of days. We want an update on the puppies! Uncle Pervy.
    PS Do you think I am overreacting?

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