This Week’s GPP! or Is That MPP*

Even though their Uncle Pervy has expressed a preference for a video entry on the weekly Gratuitous Puppy post I’m afraid that just wasn’t possible this week. What with being up in Milano in mid-week and a few other things happening here its been impossible to catch the dynamic duo on film. So here they are in uncharacteristic moments of sweet repose – much to the relief of their poor Papa and Gros Pa, who after all are not young pups!

Nicky seems to feel that his tummy is particularly photogenic.

*Mandatory Puppy Pictures

18 giugno – Sant’Erasmo

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “This Week’s GPP! or Is That MPP*”

  1. too funny. Those puppies look tuckered out. Batman fell asleep on his back, with his tongue hanging out, legs all over – somehow it's weirder when a 70lb Labradog sleeps in ridiculous fashion. I tried to take a pic, but when he heard me getting up, he rolled over.

  2. GPP, MPP I will take what I can get. At least I get to see the puppies who are so cute in repose. I'm assuming the double pictures are to capture asleep and then awake at the sound of the camera. Reposed or not they are alert. Thank you for taking the time to assemble the pictures for us that are starving for puppy pictures. The accompanying text is as good as the dialog on the GPV's. Thank you for feeding us. Uncle Pervy.

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