This Week’s GPP!

So I come back from vacation and go into the office expecting to be greeted with questions about the trip and what do I get? How are the puppies?Did Nicky and Nora miss you?Did they remember who you were?What about the dogs, were they okay?

Hey come on this was my trip! The dogs stayed stationary I was seeing all sorts of wonderful things; they ate their regular puppy chow I was having grilled sea bass and ! But do you think anyone is interested – nah.

So here’s the report: The pups did just fine. They did remember us but have forgotten everything they learned about house training! We are now back to square one – or at least square one and a half with that.

We stopped off on the way home Sunday to see our friends Linda and Nazareno and sat on their terrace having coffee. Or at least I tried to have coffee as neither Nicky nor Nora wanted to leave my lap.

And once we got home they lost no time in letting us know what exactly they thought of my duffel bag!
I guess the idea is that the next time we pack them too!

11 giugno – San Barnaba apostolo

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

9 thoughts on “This Week’s GPP!”

  1. How can sea bass compare to these puppies! Sights? The only sights that matter are those big brown eyes. You may just have to rename the blog “Will Nicky and Nora, or won't they? (Oh yes they will!)”

  2. uh sorry to hear about the lack of interest on your trip….maybe if you've gone to Timbuktu, your office mates would've shown more excitement?!

    pups look cute though….but the travelling with them next time?….don't know about that! sounds like hard work.

  3. Elizabeth, I had a very cute seabass a couple of weekends ago. (Although I'm not sure what the people at the next table thought about me when I made it 'talk' to my friend P. who I was having lunch with.)

    What else? O yeah, Willym went on some trip or other, but the puppies are okay. Good.

  4. Have puppies, will travel.

    I have a picture of Male Offspring sitting in a half-packed Army duffel bag at about a year old. He did not, however, get taken along on field duty.

  5. Oh well not quite GPV's but pictures are better than nothing. Nice to see that they did not forget who cares for them the most. They are too cute for words. I did not skip over the posts without GPV's or pictures and read them with interest and a little envy.
    When we are sitting in the old folks home money in the bank does not generate memories of all the good things we did and great times we had. After we are gone the banked money will probably be spent by our beneficiaries to do the things we did not do.
    Good advice from Laurent.
    Uncle Pervy.
    PS Can't wait for the next GPV's.

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