Whitsun 2009 – A Room with A View

Last year we tried to live up to the ornate stucco ceiling of our room at the Hotel Stein – this year we’re try to live up to a room that is just a bit – a whole big bit – larger and frankly a whole lot more splendid that some stucco donkey. Somehow or other we landed the Tuscany Room at the Hotel Bristol.

The Bristol is one of the few remaining family owned hotels in town and I’ve walked by it on many occasions during my visits to Salzburg but didn’t really think I could afford to stay there. So imagine my surprise when I found a special deal while searching for a hotel on Booking.com January past. I snapped it up immediately but was still thinking it was going to be some poky little room in the attic but that isn’t the way the Bristol does things.

We were greeted at the front desk by a very pleasant young lady who simply asked for a signature, brushed aside the offer of our passports and escorted us to our room.

Through the double doors:

Into a hallway:

Thence (hey we’re talking elegant here I can use “thence”) the enormous bedroom. Look mom we got a sitting and a study area.

And the bathroom isn’t too shabby either:

And I decided to see how their guest services worked – splendidly! I had my suit and dress shirt pressed and returned to the room within an hour. I could get use to all this!

29 maggio – Santa Restituta

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

11 thoughts on “Whitsun 2009 – A Room with A View”

  1. Sweet suite darlin’! I would be happy to stay there 🙂 Maybe we should write a joint travel book… You should see where I have to stay sometimes 🙂 And of course, there are the other times…

  2. Oh my! I gotta tell you, two years in TOMFH, you all are lucky I don’t know the address. You’d come back from dinner to find me ensconced in that tub.

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