Holiday Snaps – Bolzano

And this is what we see from our hotel room balcony!

And though its only at 836 ft, the air here in Bolzano has a sweet clean smell. And I haven’t heard one ambulance or honking car horn since I arrived. Let’s hope the weather holds tomorrow and that the forecast 13 degree high with rain for Salzburg on Friday is the weatherman’s miscalculation. He’s been wrong on so many occasions why would this be an exception?

27 maggio – Sant’Emilio

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Holiday Snaps – Bolzano”

  1. it’s official..i wanna come live with you..i’ll walk the dogs, clean up after them, clean house, cook, and give a hand job if needed…but i yafta see that once in my life for real.

  2. You and Laurent more than deserve such a stunning day dear. May the weather hold, the music be angelic and the food fantastic!!!!!!!

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