Fantastico Nicky and Eleonora

Better known in our household as Nick and Nora.

And here we have Nick (right), Nora (left) and some balding guy with glassy eyes in the middle.

For registration purposes the dogs had to have names that began with F or E – don’t ask just put it down to Italian bureaucracy – so that’s how the breeders registered them. And because at the moment I have my hands full I’ll just post a few pictures and leave it at that for the day.

Nick decided that the cow squeaky toy – courtesy of Linda and Nazareno – was his … for the moment.
Nora was satisfied with the squeaky pig until she saw Nick with the cow … as predicted she is going to be a handful.
At the moment everybody has a toy and peace reigns in the house.
What with a car ride, slippery marble floors, new smells and new people it can wear puppies out – time for a nap.

24 aprile – Santa Fedele da Sigmaringen

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

12 thoughts on “Presenting….”

  1. F or E? I’m not even gonna ask…

    Aren’t they PRECIOUS!!!! Tell them Auntie Dora has sent prezzies, so don’t bark at the mail man, be nice.

  2. nick gets an elaborate name? nora doesn’t? somebodies’ playing favourites, i think … 🙂

    good health and many years of happiness to all! no food at the table … 😛

    2 dogs
    David Smith

  3. Oh my God they are cute. I wonder how long before they are being fed at the table. You will not be able to resist. Uncle Pervy

  4. They are adorable! These will keep you both very busy and out of trouble. Hope all is well
    David & Thanos ,Miami

  5. Hey Will — they are very cute. Matty would love them. She’s still a handful and she’s over two, but we wouldn’t have it any other way


  6. I’m catching up on all the puppy pictures — I hadn’t realized I’d missed so many posts. That’s what I get for being a slacker blogger – it never occurs to me that other people might post on a regular basis, and I should scroll backwards.

    Anyway, they are absolutely adorable.

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