Its been over a month since I posted links to favorite blog items I’ve read. And its not because I haven’t seen great stuff, just mostly because I’ve been lazy. So here’s a few items that I found were worth the read – amongst so many – as well as a series of pictures from one of our stops in Barcelona.

Poble Espanyol is unmistakably aimed at tourists – and being tourists we took the bait one afternoon. Aside from the worst – and it wasn’t really that bad, it just couldn’t compare with the others – and most expensive meal of the trip it really is a delightful place to visit. Built for the 1929 Exhibition it features the architecture of each region of Spain – Castilian leads to Andalucian which lead to Aragonian etc. Its sort of architectural Spain in the nutshell.

The Bajada de Cervantes is a passage of wide steps lined with buildings in the Basque style on one side, Navarrese on the other. But what fascinated me were the bronze tethering posts that worked their way down the street. Obviously of recent design, they reflect the arts and crafts on display in the village.
  • Its not unusual to be asked for a “word verification” these days when posting comments to blogs – it can help weed out the spammers fairly effectively. But you would think that if its called “word verification” than they would be actually words but often they are just random conglomerates of letters. Frequently if taken out of context they can sound faintly obscene. Buddy Sling was feeling in a Lewis Carroll mood recently and composed this for our enjoyment.
  • The Bookbinder
    The Glass Blower
    Laurent says this isn’t a courtesan but … hey I still think its an art.

  • As well as taking us on a Sunday drive – the first I’d been on with him in a month or more, Jeff decided to render a public service by posting this timely video on Facebook Relationships.
  • The Blacksmith
    The Potter
    The Woodworker

  • I’ve always considered her my Blog Mama, Big Ass Belle has a way with words that can tickle your funny bone one minute and tear at your heart the next. She’s been involved in a writing seminar and has been sharing some of her work with us. I won’t single out any one piece but just suggest that you click over to Big Ass Belle and scroll through. I guarantee it will be worth it.
  • The Spinster
    The Musician
    The Rope Maker

  • And speaking of Lewis Carroll, Lotusgreen has a delightful take on one of my favorite passages from Through The Looking Glass – I’ve always loved the Walrus and the Carpenter and tea is one of my favorite beverages.
  • The Basket Weaver
    The Sculptor

  • Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie is one of my favorite plays – back when I was a teenager I saw it three Saturday matinees in a row with the under-rated Canadian actress Barbara Hamilton as a funny, frightening and touching Amanda. I was reminded of it when I saw Lotusgreen’s lovely mixture of William’s words and the glass makers’ art.

21 aprile – Sant’Anselmo d’Aosta

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “Sharing”

  1. Oh my goodness..great sharing and I completely forgot about Big ass Belle..I dont have her on my reader so I forgot I love her posts!

  2. Willym! I love these statues! That glassblower … well, sign me up for a vase. And that spinster? Makes me almost want to claim the title.

    And ditto ditto ditto on Belle. I keep looking for her in the bookstores …

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