Aprile’s Plate

Since last June I have included a ceramic plate commemorating the month on the sidebar. I found these rather endearing creatures in the breakfast room of Maso Wallenburg the B&B we stayed at on the outskirts of Trento last May. My dear friend Walter was, as always, observant and commented that I didn’t have a plate for the month of Aprile posted. He figured that the little man with the short pants who had gone up the ladder in Marzo would come down it this month.

Unfortunately I don’t know if he ever did or not. For some reason when I was taking pictures of this series of happy (?) peasants at work and play, I neglected April. It must have been all the mountain air, good food and great wine.So until I continue the series in May I thought I’d make do with this rather fun ceramic plate from a shop in Spoletto. The various combinations of Venus, satyrs, chubby cherubs, flamingos (?) and Leda with that damned Swan certainly suggest spring-like festivities if not activities. Not that I am suggesting that April is the month for a Bacchanal – an amphora of nectar or a goatskin of wine anyone?

02 aprile – San Francesco di Paola

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

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