Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

There is really nothing gratuitous about the companionship that is shared by these two elderly ladies and the dogs that own them. Socially there may be some difference between the two but that is leveled by the love and care of their pets.

Sunday morning on the boardwalk in front of the Marina in Barcelona this patient fella was waiting for his human to fish something out of her purse. Dressed in her good Sunday wool suit she was busily searching for something – a treat? – as the world strolled by.

Later in the day this duo, well bundled up against the sharp wind from the ocean, wended their way through the crowds on the Ramblas – definite proof that owners often begin to resemble their pets.

26 marzo – Sant’Emanuele

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Gratuitous Puppy Pictures”

  1. hmm … i HATE to do this, but seems kinda pertinent … WHO LET THE DOGS OUT! (woof, woof, woof) … heehee … so, decided on their names yet? 🙂 … i think everyone’s waiting with baited (sp?) breath … hope all is well2 dogsDavid Smith

  2. Beautiful. I do so love your photos.And YDG, in Texas, dogs of course never need clothing, but in coldass rainy or snow-prone areas of our planet, a nice sweater can be appreciated by our canine friends. Carrying a dog in a purse, however, is never acceptable.

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