I haven’t shared any of the postings that I’ve found particularly entertaining or informative in a while – and as we were reminded earlier this week in the Mom Song, sharing is important. And of course at the same time I have a few more photos to share from the trip to Napoli. These are various doors throughout the city – many on Via Toledo and the Centro Storico.

  • In honour of last week’s celebration of World Nutella Day, Michelle has done a Nutella Round Up. Its chock-a-block with links to recipes, articles, photos and ephemera concerning the world favorite chocolate and hazelnut spread. And apparently plans are already under way for next year’s festivities.
  • Though Sunday’s here seem to be taken up with lunching with friends I’ve missed Sunday drives with Jeff. He hadn’t done one in a while but at the beginning of the month took us down Saticoy Avenue of Boogie Nights fame.
  • My friend LotusGreen over at Japonisme has been featuring the work of Arthur Wesley Dow since the beginning of the month. Dow was an American painter, printmaker, photographer, and extremely influential arts educator. Amongst his students and disciples he numbered Georgia O’Keefe and he was a leader in the American Arts and Crafts movement.

13 febbraio – San Benigno di Todi

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5 thoughts on “Sharing”

  1. I want to be Helen if I ever grow up, I just knew you’d love the Ann Coulter review! I laughed so hard I was literally in tears!

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