I’m Such an Ex-Pat!

Yes the food here is incredible – how could it not be? Fresh vegetables, good quality meat and fish, wonderful breads and pastries; simple recipes which leave the taste of things unadulterated. Yes the food here is incredible … but … but …. oh god how do I say this without sounding like an Ex-Pat?

Wait a minute I am an Ex-Pat! So here goes. There are times when you just want the familiar and the comfortable – we had hamburgers the other night and I so wanted Heinz 57 on them. Since I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and the weather has been crappy to boot I just wanted a bowl of Campbell’s Cream of Tomato soup to make things better.

And low and behold as we strolled along Via Nazionale today we happened upon the new Castroni store, I believe this is their 3rd with one on Via Flaminia and another at the Vatican. Candies, confections, pastries, wine, coffee, an espresso bar and cafe and downstairs an “international” market. Funny what constitutes “international” isn’t it?

Our little bag of exotic goodies wasn’t cheap but at least the next time I’m feeling homesick I got the cure: 1 can Campbell’s tomato soup, 1/2 can water 1/2 can milk and a large pat of butter. Damn I forgot the saltines! I’ll guess I just have to go back.

04 gennaio – Sant’Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

10 thoughts on “I’m Such an Ex-Pat!”

  1. Ha! I so know that feeling. When I was living in mainland China, there were just times I absolutely LONGED for a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of Campbell’s tomato soup. Silly isn’t it, with amazing food all around you, but sometimes you just want to be comforted, not amazed.

  2. <>Sling<>: Tobasco we got… and some even hotter stuff from Sicilia and Calabria – so no excuse!<>Dora:<>No Kraft but a friend did bring me a jar of Skippy!<>YDG:<> We could start an import business???<>Flipstinger:<> nope never that fond of CD myself – more a coke type… that would be as in cola…<>Parsifal:<>You can have it on toast when you’re here in March.

  3. Hmm… we have Heinz in every supermarket, Campbell’s in plenty of them, Skippy is carried by at least one chain that I know of, together with what’s that mayonaise called, Hellman’s or something?, and Pringles are abso-effing-lutely everywhere. Haven’t seen the mustard or the lemon curd, though.My next project is to find reasonably-priced Vegemite for a friend.

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