Lunedi Lunacy

Normally I would be posting some sort of video – an old comedy routine or something that struck my funny bone. Well there’s still a great deal out there that makes me laugh but this weekend in Arachova I found a few things hanging around the main street that gave new meaning to the phrase FUN FUR!

And frightening enough there were a few people around wearing jackets exactly like these – most with what Laurent calls Balkan Blond hair. True lunacy.

24 novembre – San Andrea Dũng Lạc

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

9 thoughts on “Lunedi Lunacy”

  1. If I was to wear one of those I would constantly feel as though some of the fur would get loose and I would be digging it out of my mouth. Furry things give me that instant reaction.

  2. <>Liz & Cowbell:<> I don’t think the good citizens of Arachova where quite ready for that display and now you have me wondering how that leopard would have looked?<>EG & DF:<> Actually they were nice Greek or Balkan girls who thought, honestly thought, they were being stylish!!!!! And that the 10 pounds of makeup was great too!<>Dora:<> You should have seen them in motion!<>Sage:<> I will let that pass and not try and make anything dirty or unsavory of it.

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