Ah…. OK!

We’ve checked into a hotel for a few days while the furniture and all our “stuff” is being moved to the new apartment. The Mercure is your standard chain hotel – not much (as in NO) character or charm but the bed is comfortable and its near to everything. As always we requested and got a non-smoking room, then where greeted by this little desk accessory????

I’m at a total loss to figure that one out. I’ll be more than happy to send a La Dolce Vita (that’s the Fellini film with Anita Ekberg looking chesty and Marcello Mastroianni looking pop-eyed at Anita looking chesty) fridge magnet to anyone would can come up with a good explanation. Notice that’s “good” not logical! And no this is not an attempt to get rid of stuff, I actually bought it today in a tourist trap local store.

27 agosto – San Giuseppe Calasantius

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

8 thoughts on “Ah…. OK!”

  1. If you turn it slightly clockwise, you will clearly see it is a reminder that there should be no farting by exclamation points in this room at any time.There is a danger that said farts could be ignited by smoking materials and cause an explosion.So, if you don’t have any punctuation marks with digestive difficulties around, fire up a nice cigar.

  2. Let’s say you pick up this totally hot leather guy at an all night supermarket and as you get him back to your room, in the hallway, he suddenly starts chain smoking Marlboros.This handles the situation without leasing to confrontation, which, could alter the next few critical moments.

  3. If you decided to light up and couldn’t find an ashtry, you would use just about anything that was handy. This way, there’s something handy and it tells you not to use it, or anything else.

  4. Obviously,it’s designed to keep the ashtray clean,so that when you steal it,it will make a lovely gift for your friends that smoke..Hint:..I don’t need a fridge magnet,but I can always use a good ashtray!..just sayin’.

  5. Umm…. Italians basically don’t follow rules? This tells you “Because of foreigners we have to have no smoking rooms but we’re people of the world here, so here’s an ashtray?It would make a good refrigerator magnet, though.

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