Writing on the Wall

The old adage says something about “if only the walls could talk!” Well here in Italy there are time when they seem to. Here’s a few random pictures I took around Pesaro this weekend to prove the point.


One of the younger citizens obviously wanted to make me feel welcome so they adorned this wall with my name! Okay they spelt it with only one B but I still think it was a nice gesture.


“We respect the past, live in the present and anticipate the future.”
The slogan for a company renovating one of the old villas in the historic centre of town near the Sforza Fortress.

Mutt Parade

“Pure breeds are pretty but mongrels are better.”
A great poster for a dog show for Heinz 57s only – none of those snotty show dogs allowed.

Love Note

This note to “Alice” was written on the side wall of the Teatro Rossini. At first Laurent and I had a good laugh – it seemed like an elaborate farewell note to an unrequited love. However when we read it more closely it almost sounded like a suicide note. I wish my Italian were good enough to grasp the subtleties. Odd to say the least and ultimately unsettling.

The Liberation Wall

And on a similarly somber note this memorial is to the people from Pesaro – some of them children – who died in the war of Liberation at the end of the World War II. The north of Italy was a hot bed of anti-fascism and under Il Duce dissidence was dealt with harshly. Mass hangings were a common sight in the waning days of the Regime.

26 agosto – San Allesandro

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “Writing on the Wall”

  1. So many wonderful things!1. I do think that was awfully sweet of them to make you feel so welcomed. Those crazy boys must have been reading your blog and been concerned that you were less than perfectly happy in Rome. Oh, those charming Italians.2. LOVE the mongrel show idea. That’s a dog show I’d love to go to!3. Those memorial pictures on the wall are amazing and sad. So hard to imagine that kind of barbarism in today’s Italy ….

  2. <>Dora:<> We get our share of pungent messages – I just don’t understand them.<>Elizabeth:<> Sadly there are other forms of barbarism in the country today but it was always thus.<>Sage:<> No those would belong to the love of my life – just don’t tell Laurent.

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