Dora’s Mojo

My darling Dora seems to have lost her mojo. Strano! Molto strano! As we say here in Italy – well actually they say it, when I say it, it comes out sounding like Straino! Mole toll Straino!

I wasn’t able to find it anywhere in Pesaro this past weekend but I did find something that might encourage it to come out of hiding.

Just thinking someone would look good looking for her mojo in that little number.

24 agosto – San Bartolomeo

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

5 thoughts on “Dora’s Mojo”

  1. I read dora’s blog,then ran over here to check out the wardrobe.She’d look stunning!..she’s quite the hottie you know.

  2. hey will,you have fabulous taste! and you know i am one to suffer for fashion; heat and humidity be damned, right?anyway, is it even cold enough yet for a long wool coat?i can’t imagine.

  3. <>Dora:<> Damn right you would Lady! And I might add I’m still waiting for the NOL pic!!!!!<>Sling:<>I know and as I mentioned I’m still waiting for the NOL picture!<>Danny:<> Its cooling down to 28c even as low as 25c at night. Soon will be time for hot red wool suits. And did I mention I’m still waiting for her NOL pictures?

  4. Woot! I’ll be happy to look for Dora’s mojo in any of those ensembles and save her the trouble. I look fab in red and black.

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