Jack’s Beijing

National Theatre - BeijingLast July when Laurent left Beijing much of the city seemed to be under construction. In the year that he’s been gone our friend Jack has been keeping us up to date with the incredible changes. And he’s remarked more than once that the skyline of Beijing is not the one he remembers from his childhood – and he’s only a baby! Its hard to imagine what his parents must make of it and the changes they have seen. National Theatre - BeijingHe sent these pictures (from an unknown source on the Internet) of the new National Theatre designed by French architect Jean Andreu. I gather there has been some concern because you walk under the water feature to access the building and this is not good feng-shui. Not sure how true that is or if it is just one of those urban myths. Jack has sent me a correction on this: The bad fengshui is because the Opera House looks like a tomb. So people have to go down and into a tomb…
Jack in Piazza di PopoloBut Jack has also been busy with his camera in the past few weeks capturing the city and recording the changes. A click on Jack in this photo I took when he visited us in January will lead you to his great Flickr Slideshow. And he’s promised there will be more to come.

19 agosto – San Giovanni Eudes

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

8 thoughts on “Jack’s Beijing”

  1. The bad fengshui is because the Opera House looks like a tomb. So people have to go down and into a tomb…

  2. Great Pictures! Great eye for picture taking. Wow it has been years since I have been to Beijing, I bet I wouldnt even recognize it.

  3. sometimes you just need a building to look like a building; not an egg or a spaceship or a tomb.hehehei think i have to visit rome when it rains. i like how shiny the cobblestone looks.

  4. <>Sage/Elizabeth:<> Its astounding the progress (?) being made – they just opened 10 new subway lines and gone are the streets crowded with bicycles, nows it cars: lots and lots and lots of cars.<>Danny:<> Well you’re welcome back come rain or come shine. But be warned – those cobblestones are mighty slippery when wet.

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