Name the Day

At dinner last night our good friend Larry surprised Laurent by presenting him with a holy card (above) and wishing him a “Happy Name Day vigil.” And indeed today is the Feast Day of Saint Lawrence (Laurent, Lorenzo,)Deacon and Martyr, after whom Laurent was named.

Though not as widely observed here in Italy as in some countries (Poland for example where it is more important than a birthday)a Name Day or Onomastico is still a cause for celebration in some parts of the country. Laurent has decided that a celebration and a gift would be in order. On both those counts he is going to be sadly disappointed.

Larry mentioned that, to the best of his knowledge, there was no Saint William so I was out of luck. WRONG LARRY WRONG!! I found three so I have my choice: January 10th – St William of Bourges; June 8th – St William of York; or June 25th – St William the Abbot.

Perhaps I should reconsider that celebration and gift idea of Laurent’s, I could make out like a bandit!

Correction: Along with a slightly revisionist take on last evening’s conversation Larry e-mailed me a list of 61 Saint Williams (though a few go by several variations of their name – a saintly trait that I myself have emulated – so its probably more like 50.) Still it could make for a not bad haul.

10 agosto – San Lorenzo

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

7 thoughts on “Name the Day”

  1. Sadly,I can’t find a single reference to Saint Sling,anywhere on my Gregorian Calandar…Happy Name Day Laurent! 🙂

  2. it was your partner who said that there was no St. William. I remained quiet on the subject, so as not to get involved in a lover’s squabble over the matter…. As you now know, there are many more than three St. Williams, thought many of the dudes go by several names, so one can not be quite sure of how long the list is. It was a joy to share an evening of “Salad and Four Seasons” with a modern-day Saint William.

  3. <>SK:<> Of the 50 odd I found quite a few are still awaiting canoniztion – that bad Elizabeth I had them hung, drawn and quartered – or is that hanged, drawn and quartered?<>EG:<> We’ll just have a bigger party next year!<>Sling:<> Well keep living the chaste and pure life you are a thte moment and we may have one. How are you at working miracles?<>Larry:<> I stand corrected – I will not repeat what you said in response to his comment. As always it was a business doing pleasure with you and Vin. Baci carini.

  4. I always felt ripped off in Hungary, when everyone else would celebrate their Name Day, and I was left grumbling, “what do you mean ‘Cowbell’ doesn’t get a day?” Thanks mom. Isn’t St. Willym patron saint of silver balls?

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