He’s It’s Hot

Its been a real scorching few weeks here and the long range says the next two months will be more of the same. Since the second week in June temperatures have been averaging 35-36 with not a cloud in sight. Actually I lie, there has been the odd cloud but not a rain drop in sight. And though I’ve been doing my bit to conserve water (using the water from the air conditioning – turned low to save energy – to water the plants)- the public water taps are still running freely, as they have done since the First Republic. Romans take that as their entitlement – though the high calcium content of the otherwise pure water could account for the number of people with kidney stones.

Reading my friend EG this week I realized how much water we do drink here. We’ll go through a 1.5 bottle between the two of us at dinner, the same at lunch. And if there’s a large group for a meal its not unusual to go through five or six bottles. Of course where water is concerned there are two schools – correction three: frizante, naturale and legemente frizante. We’re a frizante family ourselves though its funny how in most restaurants the minute the waiters hear our fractured Italian assume we’ll have naturale.

Now you may have noticed that Roberto Bolle ad at the top of the post – it is not there for the lascivious reasons you first assumed and I am frankly offended that you would think that of me. Not at all – Robertolicious is the spokesperson for one of the many brands of water available here. And my good friend Opera Chic, in the spirit of civic duty, brought the new television ad campaign to our attention. A click on the ad above will take you to her posting and 90 seconds of Tchaikovsky, dancing, water and Roberto.

Is it me or is it getting hotter in here?

12 lulgio – San Gaulberto

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

9 thoughts on “He’s It’s Hot”

  1. Oh lordy..the Robertolicious. All that and talent too. I need to retire to the swooning couch for a while. All I want out of life is a pool boy that looks like that- and no I haven’t a pool and wouldn’t need one.

  2. Sling I am with you on that – I am frankly ashamed that my friends would look on this man as a source of titilation. I myself am only interested in the dance aspect of the ad – I’ve always enjoyed Nutcracker… oh stop it all of you!

  3. Phew. We don’t get water ads like that here in Kabul! However, I must forward a pic of the fake Governor Arnie painting in front of the fake Gold’s gym … Cheers, Bev

  4. um, you said <>titillation<>.i don’t think i can hang out here if this lewd and lascivious language continues to be tossed about haphazardly. ;-}by the by, would it be too much of a fanatasy to expect guys like roberto to be hanging around the piazza fountains splashing around in the bare minimum of clothing? just wondering…

  5. The best way to cut down on your conspicuous consumption of water is, of course, to drink more wine.

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