Parma – Goodies

I’m a sucker for pastry and candy store windows; not that I’m a big sweet eater – okay I’ll have just one more marone glacé, thank you!

Goodies int eh windowGoodies in the windowGoodies in the windowGoodies in the windowGoodies in the window

Okay I know its not chocolate but I still drool over Vitali shirts. Birthday’s coming up – neck size 16, arm 34 if anyone should ask.

(photos taken) 27 ottobre – San Fiorenzo e 28 ottobre – SS Simone e Guida

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “Parma – Goodies”

  1. You are the devil. And don’t think we didn’t catch how you threw in those ties to make it look like the <>ties<> are what you want for your b-day.

  2. i love the colors in your photo of the shirts and how they blend so prettily with the chocolates.i would weigh 800 pounds if i lived in italy. this is how it would happen. every morning i’d wake up and realize how grand it is to live in italy.i’d exit my apartment on the square, sashay down the street to the chocolatier, then choose a selection to savor. i’d find a stopping place after having picked up some coffee somewhere. then i’d eat a chocolate. and another. savoring, dontchaknow, just as i’d be savoring the fact of living in italy. but i would never stop because the food is beautiful and chocolate is my drug and what you’ve shown us so far is at least as seductive as some other things that are delicious and not fattening. sigh. so i guess it’s good that you’re there and not me. 🙂 gorgeous photos.

  3. Actually the dolci are what’s doing me in. For desert at home we have mostly fresh fruit and cheese but when we go out for dinner – chocolate mousse, lemon torte, tiramasu etc etc etc.No actually if this job thing comes through – interview is next week – I may need some new dress shirts and at least another suit. Not sure I can afford to work!!!!

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