Stuff – III

Reese amongst the CDs

Poor Reese, he’s never had much appreciation for the music we play around the house. Before he lost his hearing it was mostly just ladies screaming, then it sort of became a generalized noise and now its just the occasional bass thump. But what he really didn’t appreciate was when those damn CDs were dumped all over his room earlier today.

It was time to go through the CDs before the movers come – at last count I had some 800. They ran from Lady Pank (a Polish rock group), to all of Diana Krall to four versions of Cosi Fan Tutte to John Sheppard’s Mass Cantante for the Sarum Rite. A fairly eclectic mixture but at one time or another essential listening.

The rule of thumb was to be: if it hasn’t been listened to in the past two years out it goes! That’s all well and good as rules go but I really couldn’t get rid of the 1938 Glyndebourne Cosi, its the benchmark for all recordings since and I may listen to it sometime in the next four years. And really we weren’t here last Christmas and the Christmas before we didn’t play the Polish Christmas Carols but it really is a lovely recording. And that original cast… well you get the picture. But surprise, surprise there were a few that I decided I could live without – including the aforementioned Lady Pank. So 85 CDs are going to the used Record Store tomorrow. That means we only have to pack 700 odd.

Well at least its not vinyl!

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

6 thoughts on “Stuff – III”

  1. Reesie seems somewhat surprised by what he sees and not amused by it all. It’s like all this garbage my my floor look.

  2. ohno — he looks quite annoyed with all that clackity plastic sliding around underpaw. Books and music are the hardest to “weed”. I still have to suffer the wrath of my eldest on culling the Dr. Seuss collection about 10 years back. And I still have John Denver and Mariah Carey. Say what you want, but sometimes you just gotta have a little Rocky Mountain High.

  3. oh that little precious boy! i LOVE YOUR PUPPY!!!! i can’t imagine having to cull my CDs and yes, it would be worse if vinyl. crates and crates of vinyl in the basement, in the warehouse, everywhere. just can’t let go.

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