The Reesie Report

Things didn’t go too bad at the vet; much of what is happening with Reesie is because he’s an old dog and because he was paralyzed and had major back surgery. He never did regain total use of the one back leg and there is always the danger of atrophy or further spinal cord rupture. When he starts stumbling and refusing to walk the way he did the past few days I must admit I panic. I saw his sister go that way and it meant more surgery which at his age he just couldn’t handle.

Our vet – thank god old-style country vets still exist – hit on the problem within minutes. The poor old Reeserman had very badly impacted anal glands – something his sister had all the time but this is new with him. It was causing him pain – therefore the constant low whimpering – which combined with the limited mobility that he has had since the back operation created the problems with his back legs.

Within minutes of Dr Varney doing what he had to do – I won’t go into it here – he seemed to be better if highly offended by the procedure. I’ve been told to watch him carefully for the next day or two – like I don’t do that anyway – just in case. And we’ll hold off on the Rabies and micro-chip – not sure about Reesie but the 14 gauge needle scared the hell out of me.

Thanks to all you sweet wonderful dog-people out here – lynette and tater especially – I’m glad I’m not the only one that panics when my best bud turns poorly.

Author: Willym

A senior with the heart of a young'un

4 thoughts on “The Reesie Report”

  1. I’m so glad the vet was able to give him some relief and you didn’t have to make a difficult decision. You and Reesie have a very special bond.My dog Molly was in the proverbial dog house today after eating a half loaf of fresh rye bread. Dad and Brother were not impressed that they couldn’t have sandwiches for breakfast. Molly had a very guilty look while “hiding” under the table.

  2. LOL… and that guilty look will disappear with the next available loaf of rye bread… go for it Molly they should be cutting down on carbs anyway.

  3. oh i am so happy to hear this! poor little pup. and poor you, having to fret about your baby this way. impacted anal glands. it’s something i know about but have no direct experience with and that’s exactly the way i want it. i do tell mike quite often that he should “express bill’s anal glands” and he rolls his eyes and mumbles dream on. i don’t know if out pups don’t have any problems in this regard? we’ve just not had to deal with it yet. i am so happy to hear that it’s nothing dire. i know you’ll keep an eye on your little sweetie. happy day 🙂

  4. Yay!! So happy to hear that! My finger hovered over the link today — I wanted to know, but didn’t — you know what I mean? I actually woke up in the night wondering about Reesie. Thank goodness it was just the ol’ anal glands acting up! I’ve not had to deal with that with Batman or Mason — thankgawd!

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